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Titanic Voyage - 12th April (Day 3)

Friday 12th April 1912

The first full day of Titanic's voyage.


Passengers are waking up to their first full day at sea with no stops, and getting into their shipboard routines, some prefer to lounge in bed, some take exercise or go for a walk before breakfast.


Breakfast is served


The swimming baths were provided for first class passengers, times were allotted depending on gender. Between 10:00 and 12:00, women could use the pool and after breakfast some women did enjoy going for a morning swim.

An illustration of the ships Swimming Baths.


Second class passengers were enjoying a music concert by the ships band in the C deck aft staircase reception room.

Second class passengers enjoy a music concert.


The first daily mileage was reported and posted for passengers. A popular activity at the time was to bet on the ships speed, and mileage between passengers.

it was reported that Titanic had traveled 484 miles averaging 21 knots.

Titanic was already doing her expected top speed with only 21 of her 29 boilers lit.

Passengers and crew were getting very excited how fast Titanic could go with all of the boilers lit.


Lunch was served.

A Menu from the Titanic first class lunch on 12th April


Thomas Andrews, ship builder was feeling a little homesick.

Chief baker Charles Joughin, bakes him a loaf of Irish soda bread to comfort him.


First class passengers were enjoying a music concert by the ships band in the D deck reception room as passengers had afternoon tea.


At dinner time, Captain Smith and J Bruce Ismay attend a dinner party in the ships A la Carte restaurant, and Smith retired early to attend his duties.

Ismay invited the rest of the party back to his cabin B52, 54, 56, for a game of Bridge.

The A la Carte restaurant on Olympic


Titanic receives a wireless message from the steamer La Touriane which read:

'Dense fog since last night. Crossed thick ice field, Paris saw another ice field and two icebergs. Best regards and Bon Voyage'

The information is relayed to Smith, He responds with a thank you and takes not of the ice mentioned.

The night passes uneventfully.

Written by Chris Walker of RMSTitanic.Design

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