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Furniture Making

Recreating and designing furniture for the Louis XV Cabin

Creating the different types of furniture can be a very long process.

With most things on the Titanic, there is limited information or photographs. Photographs and books are the best sources of information, there is always some information somewhere on different pieces of furniture.

Working on the Louis XV cabins, I realised there is not a lot of information. No photographs, very few descriptions and a vague hand sketch.

With a simple black and white drawing of the cabin, I can gather most of what the room and furniture looked like.

Catalogues from Olympic's actions give a very brief description of furniture. Sometimes these descriptions can be very telling. Here, I learned of the dimension of furniture and how many drawers each piece had.

Next I'll research the style itself, Louis XV is an architectural style appearing during the reign of Louis XV of France. From around 1710 unit 1730. It was a style more exuberant and decorative of his predecessor Louis XIV. It marked the beginning of the European Rococo. movement. Researching this style, and seeing interiors and furniture from this period, you can put together an idea of the style used on Titanic.

Drawing this style proved a challenge, using the organic curves and dramatic features.

The beds with their large dramatic headboards and curved rounded cabriole legs.

The freestanding wardrobes with central wash basin, were particularly difficult.

Colours are often hard to recreate. Come colours are mentioned in the Olympic catalogues. Some colour illustrations exist, but the Louis XV was more challenging.

The description does mention the furniture to be carved walnut, finding the right colour and texture from other Louis XV walnut pieces. The wash basin top was mentioned to be green-veined marble.

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