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Cabin A-4

First Class cabin, located forward on A deck (Promenade deck)

First class cabin A-4 on Titanic. Located forward on A deck on the 1st class promenade.

Simply decorated with mahogany furniture, this cabin was one of the largest forward cabins and could accommodate 3 passengers id needed.

This cabin looked forward onto the forecastle deck and first class promenade. The unique view over the bow would have been amazing, and with two windows to look out from.

This cabin wasn't occupied on the Titanic's voyage, but would have been very comfortable cabin for any first class passenger.

This cabin had a single and a double brass beds with a pullman berth too, a double vanity wash basin unit, and dressing table. A double wardrobe, and a comfortable sofa with coffee table.

These cabins may look simple, but proved very popular at the time. Usually favoured by single travellers or younger passengers. Passengers however wouldn't be spending much time in their cabins as passengers preferred to meet and socialise in the public areas. Passengers used their cabins to sleep, and to dress.

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