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H&W Bedroom 'B' Style

The Bedroom B style was one of a series of unique interior styles designed by the Harland and Wolff shipyard. These styles were designed as a standard for the liner companies to pick and choose for their ships. Two of these styles were picked for the most luxurious staterooms onboard the Olympic class, and were refereed to as Bedroom A, and B. Many of the other more elaborate staterooms that we associate with the luxury of Titanic, were outsourced and designed by Mutters and Zoon Ltd.

H&W Carpenter shop showroom

The Bedroom B style, also known as the 'Modern' style because of its simplicity and elegance. With other styles being of a historic period in time like the Regency or the Renaissance, this style was of no previous style in history and designed with the 'modern' Edwardian taste.

The Edwardian era was littered with various art movements as the new century brought new technologies, mass production and more opportunities. Gone were the stuffy old Victorian days, and in with the fast changing modern world.

Decor was no different, and white started to become popular in a new obsession for cleanliness. With filthy cities, and the discovery of microbes, White was seen as clean and fresh.

The Bedroom B style used simple carved panels painted white, with an oak lower half dado. oak doors and decorative carved coffered ceiling panels painted white. Matching oak furniture usually upholstered in reds or greens, and a light wicker chair.

This style of room was used in many other H&W built ships of the time, and was very popular with passengers.

An artists impression of the Bedroom B style on the Olympic class

This was the most commonly used style on the Olympic class in the 'Millionaire' B and C deck suites. The Olympic class used three variations of this style:

  1. With oak beds - The beds being of carved oak, with 'cut-a-way' corner head and foot board, with simple spindle supports.

  2. With brass beds - The beds were brass, with a reversed arch head and foot board with decorative brass spindle supports.

  3. With Pullman - Same oak beds, but including a pull down bunk bed (Pullman) above one of the beds.

All rooms included a H&W dressing table that is seen in many First class cabins. A vanity unit, with either one or two wash basins, with a mirrored cabinet above. An upholstered sofa/chase lounge, and an oval oak coffee table.

Photograph of a bedroom B style Cabin with brass beds

Photograph of the bedroom B style cabin with oak beds, as well as showing the dressing table and vanity unit with two wash basins.

My artwork of a Bedroom B cabin specifically B-84

My artwork of a Bedroom B style cabin specifically B-84 with brass beds

Do you like the Bedroom B style? Let me know in the comments below

Written by Chris Walker of RMSTitanic.Design

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