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H&W Bedroom ‘A’ style

The Bedroom A style was one of a series of unique interior styles designed by the Harland and Wolff shipyard. These styles were designed as a standard for the liner companies to pick and choose for their ships. Two of these styles were picked for the most luxurious staterooms onboard the Olympic class, and were refereed to as Bedroom A, and B. Many of the other staterooms styles that we associate with the luxury of Titanic, were outsourced and designed by Mutters and Zoon Ltd.

C Deck Bedroom A style on Olympic

C Deck Bedroom A style on Olympic

My interpretation of the Bedroom A style

The Bedroom A style, also known as the 'French' style because of its Louis XV style and ornate carvings. They were a lot of revival styles in the Edwardian era, due to changing ethics and technologies. The Edwardian's wanted to push out of the stuffy Victorian era and reviving older foreign styles was becoming very popular. The English Edwardian's were getting more prosperous and wanted their homes to reflect a more ornate style. This was called the Neo-Baroque, or the 'Grand Style' sometimes termed as the 'Wrenaissance' in reviving the Baroque style and works of Sir Christopher Wren. This revival used the opulant over decoration and carvings of the original English and French Baroque. This period of English architecture is considered a particularly retrospective one, since it is contemporary with Art Nouveau.

A Bedroom A style wall panel located in a private residence in Belfast intended for Britannic

On Titanic they were 14 staterooms of this style all located amidship on B and C deck. Four of which were all located within the four Parlour suites, (the most expensive suites on the ship) as the second bedroom usually occupied by the ladies. All of the Bedroom A staterooms onboard had direct access to either a semi-private bathroom or a fully private bathroom which not all stateroom had. Most had the same arrangement with walk-in wardrobes. except four aft end C deck staterooms, C-85, 89, 92, and 96 that had free standing wardrobes.

All staterooms in this style were paneled in decorative, carved oak wall panels, carved oak dressing table and washbasin cabinet with a veined marble top. Two oak beds (one single and one double) with a sofa, small circular coffee table, and a wicker chair.

The ceiling had decorative beams around the frames and painted white.

The floor was carpeted with a dusty green colour carpet with diamond pattern, and the furniture was upholstered in scarlet red diamond pattern fabric.

What do you think of the bedroom A Style? Let me know in the comments below

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