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C 70 Modern Dutch

First Class Stateroom C-70 in the Modern Dutch style, occupied by passenger Jack Thayer.

The Modern Dutch style was inspired from the British Arts and Craft movement and is the Dutch variant of Art Nouveau which was the height of fashion at the time.

The room was decorated with sycamore inlaid dado panelling, and a decorative crimson lincrusta above.

The ceiling was painted and decorated panelled with an ornamental frosted glass bowl ceiling light with gilt frame. C70 was fitted with brass beds, a washbasin, dressing table, writing desk and a sofa.

It also had a walk in wardrobe and a shared a bathroom with C-68 which his parents were occupying.

RMSTitanic.Design Modern Dutch Stle C70

The Modern Dutch was an Art Nouveau variant inspired from the British arts and Craft movement and the Art Nouveau movement in Northern Europe and Paris.

The modern style took inspiration from the East Indies as well as Japanese and British imperial.

Photograph of an example of Dutch Art Nouveau

You can see elements inspired for the interiors of the Modern Dutch stateroom onboard Titanic.

The dado panelling was very similar and the painted ceiling.

The subtle woods and the organic shapes used in decoration.

The style itself was seen as extreme at the time and would have been very popular with a younger passenger. This new style was sweeping across Europe, and many people embraced its change and also social shifts.

The style was the basis for the new style of Art Deco, and later the Bauhaus movements

RMSTitanic.Design C 70 Modern Dutch Style

Olympic/Titanic Photograph of the Modern Dutch Style onboard

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