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About Me

Hello, Welcome to my website.

I'm Christopher Walker a digital artist and Interior designer, specialising in interior architecture history and

Titanic design and interior design

I've always had a fascination with Titanic since a very young age, the design and interiors has always been interesting to me and made me want to pursue studying Interior Architecture at University.

There, a whole new world of Interior histories and digital CAD, and art media opened up to me, so I put these new skills to my Titanic passion.

After drawing the ship's different interiors and creating renders, I decided to publish some images on Instagram, where they became a huge success and turned my passion project into a new venture. 

Through my instagram, I've managed to meet some fascinating people from fellow enthusiasts to Titanic historians.

This has opened new doors to featuring in a world wide book, various Youtube and online documentaries,

as well as working on my very own book.

I'm Looking forward to the future and new projects.

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